EMAIL MARKETING, as implied by its name, is a kind of marketing where the company’s commercial message and advertising campaign is being circulated to a large group of people through an email. The most general definition of email marketing is to send an email or the promotional messages to the current customers or the potential customers whom you are hoping to convert. Email marketing is said to be the most profitable means of marketing.

The purpose of email marketing is usually to send advertisements, solicit business, or to increase sales or donations. It builds loyalty, trust, and brand awareness. Although there is a high rise of various digital marketing tools and strategies but not to forget, email marketing still holds a very important place. If you want to have a successful marketing campaign then it is incomplete without the inclusion email marketing method.

Email marketing is widely used by organizations to directly reach out to their customers. At Singhi Marketing Solutions, the best email marketing company, we are proud to offer the best email marketing services to our customers so that they can reach out to a huge audience. It will allow you to get a better return on your investments and to build good relationships with many potential clients at once.

From collecting the data as per your requirements to processing it to designing the valid email structure to making necessary improvements and performing the deep report analysis, we will help you in every step of the way to make your campaign successful and productive. We will also keep proper track of your campaigns so that your privacy will remain protected.

We will also help you to design professional newsletters that will be easy to understand and user-friendly, as well as help you handle your contacts at one place so that you can have full control over the campaigns and it will be easier for you to analyze and understand your email campaign result.

Still if the question arises in your mind that why should you opt for email marketing then the biggest reason is the whole concept of email marketing is environmental friendly not just because it saves paper but it also makes the whole process of sharing information super fast. Sending the letters by email is way cheaper than any other form of communication.

The most amazing advantage of emails is that it directly lands on the mailbox of the customer. People these days may forget to have food but never forgets to check their mailbox on regular basis, which means there is no chance that your message will be ignored by the potential clients.

The main components of Email Marketing are:

  • Always start with a solid plan.
  • Select the most effective subject lines.
  • Keep them personalized to build trust.
  • Have a clear objective.
  • Create the database segments.
  • Mobile optimization is really important.
  • Test the mail.
  • CTA is a must to add.


  • It is customizable.
  • Easy to maintain the groups.
  • Easy to check the data.
  • Track the report of the running campaign.
  • Easy access to the database.
  • Scalable Pricing.
  • Easy surveys.
  • Testing of the spam.

SMS is pleased to offer complete email marketing services to our clients at the most convenient prices. Stop wasting more time and avail the services to get the best results.